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Gai-Tronics has been a leading manufacturer in the emergency communications industry for over 65 years. Oil rigs, power plants, nuclear and chemical facilities, colleges, and parking facilities all over the world have relied on our communication products to increase the productivity and safety of their personnel and the general public. GAI-Tronics is committed to providing products and services at a competitive price. With this commitment, we are pleased to present our RED ALERT® line of Emergency Tele- phone products.

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RED ALERT® Emergency Telephones have been designed for maximum environmental sustainability, high audio quality, and unparalleled monitoring capability. In addition to providing hands-free, two-way communications, a RED ALERT® telephone can tell you its location, report call activity, activate up to two peripheral devices, and let you know when it is experiencing problems. When used with our TMA (Telephone Management Application) software, RED ALERT® telephones will lower system test and maintenance time (and time is money!) while greatly decreasing liability issues associated with undetected, faulty equipment. No other telephone provides greater features, value, and reliability. WiFI, VoIP, Solar and Cellular options are available.

TMA (Telephone Management Application) is a maintenance data-collection and reporting tool that allows users to view and report the health of RED ALERT or SMART telephones. The software application is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8 and is intended for use on a dedicated PC. The Graphical User Inter- face provides a visual indication of each telephone’s status and activity. TMA can be programmed to provide an audible alert or send an email if a fault condition exists. Many features of TMA are completely user-configurable to provide maximum flexibility. This eliminates the need to physically “push” the buttons on the phones to test them, saving time and reducing the liability of a phone not working if there is an incident.

gaitronics stanchionVarious options for wall mount and free standing stanchions are available. Stanchions are available and/or upgradable to accommodate a Mass Notification option.


gaitronics voip wifi productsMass Notification can be accomplished in many ways. Text messaging, emails, sirens, and flashing strobes are all excellent methods of getting peoples' attention, but the key to successful notification is the spoken word. Specific instructions for a particular situation are the best method to insure everyone knows exactly where to go and what to do. GAI-Tronics offers a complete analog system that includes a user-friendly headend and a variety of end devices. We also offer addressable VoIP and WiFi end devices that will broadcast a direct or multi-cast VoIP signal.


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