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STI Firestop and the Retro Fit Device to Fix The Problem


Instant Compliance for Overstuffed SleevesRetro fitting the device with the new EZ-Path® Retrofit Device​ is as easy as 1-2-3. Wrap Secure Tighten Check out how the Retrofit Device works ​Available in:​Flush mount sleevesMultiple sleevesSingle sleeves

May 2016 Newsletter

Legrand® is pleased to announce RDC6 Reduced Diameter Cat6 Cords are now available in EZ PatchEZ patch RDC6 benefits include:Reduced diameter patch cords are dispensed quickly and easilyReduced staging and installation timeEliminates trash from opening bagsEach cord is factory tested to ensure every cord meets Category 6 channel specsLearn more about Clarity Premium UTP Solutions Wireless A/V ...
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