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May 2016 Newsletter

Legrand® is pleased to announce RDC6 Reduced Diameter Cat6 Cords are now available in EZ Patch

EZ patch RDC6 benefits include:

  • Reduced diameter patch cords are dispensed quickly and easily
  • Reduced staging and installation time
  • Eliminates trash from opening bags
  • Each cord is factory tested to ensure every cord meets Category 6 channel specs

Wireless A/V for HDMI® Devices

A simple way to wirelessly connect an HDMI device to a display 

Always start a meeting or class on time with the Wireless A/V for HDMI devices kit. This plug and play system allows A/V signals from a laptop, tablet, or Blu-ray player to wirelessly connect to an HDMI projector or HDTV located up to 100 feet away.
Straightforward install--There is no need for cables to be run under the floor, through the ceiling, or up a wall.

Mount the receiver near the display, the transmitter near the presenter, and make the connections for HDMI and power.

Simplified operation — Plug an HDMI cable into your laptop, that's it. This kit offers true plug and play operation, allowing any presenter to step up and start a meeting with no lost time. There is no software to install or update.

Effortless huddle space connectivity — Just bring your own device to the huddle space and plug in.

De-cluttered conference room — Set up a conference room without limitations using this wireless system. The display does not have to be limited to where wire runs have been located.

Trouble free classroom setup — With the Wireless AV for HDMI solution there is no need to run costly wires. The straightforward installation takes almost no time to setup and the simplified operation ensures all staff members can use it without training.


240WM-00x & 241WM-00x

GAI-Tronics' new Model 240WM-00x and 241WM-00x series Wall-mount Stanchions provide a budget-friendly and aesthetically appealing solution for indoor or outdoor wall-mount, emergency telephone package applications.

All models will accommodate GAI-Tronics' standard RED ALERT telephones and are provided with a factory-installed, blue LED strobe that flashes at a rate of 240 flashes per minute when a call is active.

The Model 240WM-00x additionally includes a factory-installed, recessed panel light for telephone panel illumination in dimly-lit areas.

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SI is celebrating our 15 year Anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than to get a facelift. We are currently making some updates to our website.

Watch for the unveiling.​


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