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WEBINAR: Hanwha Multiple Dates

 Hanwha Techwin's Virtual Learning Series

Based on the success of the courses Hanwha Techwin offered this week, we have expanded to offer additional dates.

Hanwha Techwin will be hosting various web-based classes over the next few weeks designed to further educate the installation staff of our partners. These sessions are intended for technical staff (technicians, service staff, project managers and estimators), but can

offer value to sales staff as well. We hope you are able to join us!

Below are the classes available along with the schedule.

Click on the date/time to register for the class. ​

 1. Device Manager

Using our Wisenet Device Manager to make your life easier. This session will show all you need to know about using our Device Manager to configure, troubleshoot and speed up your installs.

2. Camera Features & Configuration

An overview of our camera lineup and common configuration items on the camera itself. We'll review setting up such things as analytics, motion detection, SD card recording and much more.

3. Q, X and P Series Recorders

An overview of Wisenet embedded recorders, the setup and configuration of them. We'll do a full install start to finish going over the most common configuration and best practices.

4. SmartViewer Configuration & Users

Overview of our FREE SmartViewer Client, the install and setup of using it with our embedded recorders.

5. WAVE Installation & Setup

General overview of Wave including install and installation of a new system.

6. WAVE Advanced Topics

A deep dive into Wave reviewing advanced concepts like LDAP integration, a closer look at the rules and events engine.

7. Wisenet Systems Design

How to determine when to use what type of recorder, what camera model to use and other design considerations.

8. Camera & IP Troubleshooting

When something goes wrong where do I start? A review of common issues with cameras and network based systems.

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