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The World's Only Patented Fabric Innerduct Made in USA


With 15 years of industry leading technology, MaxCell is one of the fastest growing products in the network construction industry. RUS accepted and installed by the largest global telecommunications companies, cable MSOs, and Fortune 500 companies, MaxCell has become the standard for allowing companies to maximize their conduit space while reducing total system cost.

MaxCell is the only flexible fabric innerduct system designed specifically for the network construction industry.The unique fabric construction allows MaxCell to conform to the shape of cables placed within, greatly reducing the wasted space associated with rigid innerduct. Today’s network owners and builders use MaxCell to increase their cable density by as much as 300%. Faced with the challenge of deploying new infrastructure while minimizing investment costs.



Our Standard MaxCell product is a versatile solution for the complex problems faced by today’s engineers, contractors, and network providers. Manufactured from internally designed and produced materials, this model yields superior performance over existing rigid innerduct:

  • Melt point of 419 °F - almost 2X of HDPE
  • Resistant to ground chemicals and petroleum products
  • Pre-lubed for lower friction during MaxCell and cable installation

Standard MaxCell is available in sizes from 1.1" to 4", and in 1, 2 and 3-Cell configurations – giving you the flexibility to choose the right product for your system & your application.

Fire Resistant

Fire Resistant

UL Listed Plenum & Riser Rated MaxCell

MaxCell's Plenum and Riser rated products are Low Smoke Zero Halogen versions for use in premise wiring. These products provide numerous low friction pathways for installation of multiple cables in a variety of building environments – including air handling space, raised floors, cable trays and riser ducts.

Plenum MaxCell is available in sizes from Micro to 3" 3-Cell, while Riser is available in sizes from Micro to 4". All products meet the requirements of Underwriters Laboratory standard Test Method No. 2024.



Detectable MaxCell is configured like our standard product, but contains an 18 gauge copper tracer wire inserted in the edge for use in underground utility location.

An embedded feature, Detectable MaxCell will not entangle or impede cable installation nor increase cable pulling tensions.

The wire is permanent and will not be removed as is the case with detectable pulling tapes. In addition, the wire is protected– this means no damage to it or the cables and ensuring locate ability for years to come.

Detectable MaxCell is available in sizes from micro to 4".



In addition to our core MaxCell products, there are now several versions of Micro MaxCell products for use in 1.0" to 2.0" conduits. Designed for use in FTTX applications, this smaller version is ideal for:

  • Underground and aerial ducts
  • MDU environments where frequent entry in conduit is required
  • Remote terminals, pedestals and CEV’s

Micro MaxCell products can be used to create additional pathways in small conduits for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Signalization projects.

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