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A leading manufacturer and supplier of cable, wire and accessory products serving the communications industry, energy industry and related distribution markets for over 80 years.
No matter what requirements you have, Superior Essex has the solution for your network infrastructure needs.

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Communications Products — Everywhere you live and work!

Superior Essex communications cable products are as ubiquitous as communications itself. As the world’s largest manufacturer of outside plant (OSP) copper telephone cable and as a leader in the manufacturing of local area network (LAN) copper and fiber optic cables, Superior Essex has become the preferred supplier for many of the major communications service providers, leading enterprises, universities, hospitals, military facilities and businesses around the globe.

Superior Essex Premises cables offer better performance, higher quality, and the best overall value, saving you both time and money. From their 10Gain XP CAT 6A to their CAT 3 voice and data cables, to their Coaxial & DAS cables and their multimode and single mode optical fiber cables, we offer a broad portfolio of products that are essential for high-bandwidth applications. Superior Essex is also leading the way in the industry with green solutions to contribute to LEED credits as well as more power efficient cables for higher power 4pair PoE applications.


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